jeudi, juin 30, 2005

Teruel existe!

Estoy enganchadísima a esto del google maps, me encanta lo de "traveling without moving"
y hasta que lleguen las vacaciones...
Pues nada; si os animáis a echar una ojeada a vista de pájaro, vosotros mismos.
Hay que pinchar en "satellite"; eso si, un poco complicado manejar el zoom y encontrar lo que se busca (la paciencia es la madre de la ciencia) y el ADSL tiene que ser bueno.

Ah! la foto es de Teruel.

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mercredi, juin 29, 2005

killing Venus

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Sometimes i wonder if i'll feel beautiful again... Anyway i didn't used to very often.

jeudi, juin 23, 2005


"while you are away... my heart comes undone,
slowly unravels in a ball of yarn,
the devil collects it (with a grin)
our love... in a ball of yarn.
He'll never return it!!
so when you come back
we'll have to make new love"

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lundi, juin 20, 2005


Et voici ma petite bête.
C'est lui mon amour... le vrai je veux dire.
Malgré qu'il soit belge...

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pending past

An unsolved past is eternal, as a friend of mine uses to say.
Otherwise no one told me what to do with somebody else's past and it hurts me a lot deep inside.
Names appearing everywhere full of stories, happines, truth, pain...
I didn't know they existed and i never asked them to come out.
An endless spiral of names that chokes my heart till it's dead.

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I hated living among his memories so i made myself disappear into void.

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vendredi, juin 17, 2005


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Everything's so nice in the begining... All those illusions, emotions, passionate energies. I felt i could do anything and I wished to enjoy every single moment of my whole life.
Such a great feeling: feeling alive, feeling loved.
It's in the begining that I started to forget about myself, I just tried to live throug the one beside me.

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jeudi, juin 09, 2005

nunca tendré el pelo largo

El otro día no lo pude resistir más y me volví a cortar el pelo.
Siempre me pasa lo mismo.
De verdad que lo intento, porque el pelo largo para mi es un simbolo de libertad y fuerza, pero a medida que me va creciendo me siento más débil y me transformo en alguien que no me gusta nada.
Solo cortándomelo yo misma consigo volver a encontrarme y recuperar todo lo que se me habia ido olvidando poco a poco sin darme cuenta.

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mercredi, juin 08, 2005


J’ai encore trouvé une chose qui vaut le coup.

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Ça vous dit les mots : égalité, fraternité, liberté… des conneries ?
Ne ratez pas cette filme et vous saurez de quoi je parle.

mardi, juin 07, 2005

Digital Bath

And so the story begins like this...

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so far, so good. You can figure out the rest just listening here

lundi, juin 06, 2005

Once upon a time...

He didn't look like the one i was waiting for but i felt attracted to him as an old wooden boat going staight to an iceberg.

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